I received the Dharma Transmission(dempo) the 4 from December to 2020 from my teacher Come. Taisei Dokushô Villalba (泰西 独照 ), Abbot-founder of the temple and of the Soto Zen Buddhist Community, thus becoming his only and legitimate successor in the Lineage of Buddhas and Ancestors of the Soto Zen tradition..

Being very young, spiritual restlessness led me in 1993 to the practice of zen meditation. Six years later I was accepted as a disciple by Master Dokushô Villalba, thus becoming part of the Soto Zen Buddhist Community.

Involvement in the organization and teaching of the CBSZ led me to 2006 to complete their training and become a Zen Meditation Instructor and Professor of Buddhist Studies. Throughout this career I have developed different organizational functions at CBSZ within the area of ​​communication and teaching. From 2016 I am a Mindfulness Instructor at the Mindfulness School. I currently serve as executive director (kanzu) of the CBSZ, teaching director of the Kômyô Zen Center of Alicante and the Zen Center of Murcia and president of the Zen Association of Alicante.

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